Sem’s Food for Thoughts

Love eating so much. I too love cooking simple cookings. It’s not just because cooking is fun, it’s sometimes because I have to eat, so I have to cook! I am just a bit lazy in preparing spices and herbs. I wish I could invent a machine to peel onions and garlic and a self-frying machine that can keep my skin off hot oil splashes. OK, these are a collection of tried and tested recipes, mostly bilingual in English and Indonesian. Some are a collection of eat out stories.

And since no kecap (let alone ketchup) is created equal, I never put exact measurement. I want myself (and my readers–if there are any) to find the joy in cooking, in not being dictated by recipes. And soooooo, please feel free to read the recipes. Just click the links!

Vegetables, Flowers, Soups

Flosivore: Stir-Fried Flowers

Jukut Undis (Balinese Black Bean Soup)

Brenebon (Red Bean Soup) in three variants: with pork, with beef, vegetarian

Tumis Bunga Pepaya (Sauteed Male Papaya Flowers)

– Head directly to Simple Baked Salad recipe and Baked Salad with Gravy

– Head directly to Cara Bikin Sambal tanpa Cobek dan Ulekan

Meat, Main Course, Lauk 

– Ayam Masak Arak (Chicken in Arrack), Ayam Pek Cam Kee

– Head directly to Nasi Jaha recipe. 

Beef Steak  in Rich Gravy

– Head directly to Cara Masak Nasi di Microwave

– Head directly to Beef Steak in Rich Gravy

Nasi Goreng Bunga Rias (Torch Ginger Flavored Fried Rice)


Head directly to Fish Soup recipe. Click: Nasi Jaha (Ginger Fragrant Rice), Simple Baked Salad, Pumpkin Pie, Wedang Ronde (Ginger-based Hot Drink), Fish Soup

– Perkedel Tuna (Tuna Frikandel), Pan-Seared Tuna

– Ikan Goreng Asam Manis (Fried Fish with Sweet and Sour Sauce)

Naniura (Ceviche or Sashimi ala Batak)

Gohu Ikan (Ceviche or Sashimi ala Maluku and Papua)

Fair Trade Seafood for Fair Trade Month (for Yayasan MDPI)
Tuna Belly Sashimi

Desserts, Sweets, Fruits

– Pisang Goreng Havermut (Fried Banana-Oatmeal)

– Head directly to Pumpkin Pie recipe.

Jungle Jewels of Borneo: Tasty and Rare Fruits

Drinks, Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic

Kopi Alor (Spiced Coffee ala Alor)

– Head directly to Wedang Ronde recipe. 

A Taste of “Wild” Coffee from Lencoh, Central Java

A collection of hot cocktails like Hot Toddy, Irish Coffee

Eat Out Drink Out and More

My Indochina Trip: For the Love of Coffee

Kisah Awak soal Kopi Luwak

Jamu (+ 3 Menu Lain) di Kota Mamakku: Kota Magelang

Lebaran Ketupat

– Soli-LOL-quy Aruna dan Lidahnya Dia Punya Teman-teman

– On sustainable palm oil: Sawit: Antara Cinta, Benci, dan Solusi

– My write-ups about fair trade fisheries and Fair Trade Month 2018, go to Yayasan MDPI