Recipes in Bulk! Nasi Jaha, Baked Salad, Pumpkin Pie, Wedang Ronde, Fish Soup

Tried and tested recipes: Nasi Jaha, Baked Salad, Pumpkin Pie, Wedang Ronde, Fish Soup.

Nasi Jaha or Fragrant Rice Manado Style

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
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Traditionally it is baked inside a bamboo section for hours. The aroma is divine and inviting. It tastes delicious and luxurious due to the richness of the ginger and coco milk.


  • Ketan/Glutinous rice
  • Beras/White rice
  • Santan/Coconut milk
  • Bawang merah/Onion
  • Garam dan gula/Salt and sugar
  • Daun jeruk purut/Kaffir lime leaves
  • Serai/Lemongrass
  • Pandan/Pandanus leaf
  • Jahe/Ginger
  • Air/Water

Cara membuat/Directions:

  • Campurkan semua bahan dan didihkan, kemudian bungkus ke dalam daun pisang/Put all to boiling point and then transfer it to banana leaves.
  • Masak ke dalam dandang sampai matang/Put it into a steamer to cook.
  • Sajikan dengan lauk ikan atau daging atau tempe/Eat it with meat or fish (in my case, both).

Quick Baked Salad

Bake any vegetables you love in a microwave. Sprinkle it with pepper and finely chopped garlic. After that, serve it with Japanese goma (sesame seed-based) sauce.

Pumpkin Pie

I ruined my sis’ microwave making this pumpkin pie 🙂 but they said, it tasted delicious, like stop-brought pie. How lovely!

Make the crust (any flour, baking powder, butter, milk, salt: mix and leave it for an hour) and the filling (baked pumpkin, egg, milk, brown sugar, white sugar, cinnamon powder, nutmeg powder, clove powder, salt). Put the crust into a pyrex bowl. Por the filling. Bake for about 30 minutes in microwave.

Wedang Ronde (Rice Balls and Ginger Drink)

It is said that the drink is a mixture of Chinese and Dutch influences, made of glutinous rice balls with ground peanut filling and a generous sweet soup of brown sugar, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and ginger.

Fish Soup

Stole the recipe from Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam: cut red snapper into pieces and put into water with shallots, garlic, tomatoes, chilli. Bring to boil. Put some fish sauce, celery, spring onions, salt and pepper. And you’ll got a very refreshing and tasty soup!

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