Eureka! Newly Invented Super Tasty Pisang Goreng Havermut Enak Sehat Lezat Recipe

Once in my youthful childhood, I experienced a eureka moment when realized my parents were different than others’. Dion’s parents filled their garden with flowers, so did Erni’s and Aan’s. Mi and Pi, on the contrary, filled the whole garden with banana trees, yams, cassavas, sugar canes, basils, and many more edible plants. No flowers. Hardly. It was more like a plantation than a garden. But I did not bother me.

The banana trees were gifts that kept on giving. Never ran out of bananas. We loved bananas steamed, grilled, and fried. I loved the latter, especially when served with tea or, if I pestered Mi, coffee. Still love the combination: pisang goreng aka fried banana served with coffee. It will brighten my day.

Mi had this cool approach: she loved collecting recipes but never allowed them to dictate her. She always cooked everything her own way. For example, she did not believe in measure spoons. She’d throw everything in and miraculously, she made tasty meals. If she had no tuna, she’d use tilapia instead. I remember one day, she made pisang goreng with rice flour, a kind of flour that makes your fried meals tough to chew when fully cool. Why? Because at that time, she ran out of wheat flour and she exactly knew I would devour them before they even got a chance to cool!

The other day I had a eureka moment when I was figuring out what to eat. No rice, no bread. Only three overripe bananas. Thought, Let’s make pisang goreng! Unfortunately, found no flour. So, I got an idea of substituting (wheat) flour with oatmeal. Never tried it before, but remembering Mi, I said, why not?? I am no fan of oatmeal. The only reason I bought it was because I wanted to make matcha milk, yet unfortunately, no store here sells matcha in a small amount.

And so here is the recipe:

The Original Pisang Goreng Havermut Enak Sehat Lezat

  • Servings: 20
  • Difficulty: easy
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  • Pisang kematangan/Overripe banana
  • Havermut/Oatmeal (any kind: rolled, hulled, etc)
  • Telur/Egg
  • Gula/Sugar
  • Bubuk kayu manis/Cinnamon powder
  • Garam/Salt
  • Air atau susu/Water or milk

Cara membuat/Directions:

  • Campurkan semua bahan di mangkuk besar. Mix all ingredients well in a big bowl.
  • Panaskan minyak, masukkan adonan yang “dicetak” dengan sendok makan. Goreng sampai warnanya cokelat keemasan. Heat oil, pour the batter spoonful by spoonful. Fry until they turn dark gold.

In perfect English, the title is The Original Tasty Healthy Yummy Fried Banana and Oatmeal Dough. ‘Tasty’ and ‘Yummy’ describe the taste. To my great surprise, it tasted oh so good! I am against praising myself, but it tasted so good. “Wow this is tasty!” said Fi. “It tastes almost like banana cake,” said Ocha. The whole day, I found myself sharing the recipe in three Whatsapp groups lol. It tastes good with condensed milk, grated cheese, chocolate, and sugar. I’ll try other toppings.


Meanwhile, the word ‘healthy’ in the title refers to food marketing. Wheat, which can not be grown commercially in Indonesia, is marketed in Indonesia, and elsewhere, as healthy food if not a superfood. It is said to be able to help you reduce bad cholesterol. Well…who cares? I love it deep fried!

Anyway, if you find it interesting and later give my recipe a try, come back here please and share your story!

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