That Constant Companion

One day at an airport, a young mother accidentally dropped one of her bags. She could hardly bend because she was carrying her baby. I happened to be standing near, so I fetched it for her. She muttered something in French and pointed at my tote bag.

Since I couldn’t understand her words I just smiled. Wondered why she seemed to be so interested in this humble bag.

Puzzled, I took a look at it and, having read the texts, guessed she perhaps wanted to say, “You have an old bag.”

Realized that it’s been with me for almost 10 years now. It was a gift from Lilin. The cotton tote bag is durable, reliable, can carry tons of items inside, from books, clothes, drinking bottle, to grocery.

I did own several tote bags but most of them had gone due to poor quality which means poor performance. This one, au contraire, is of good quality fabric. It has been my constant companion since day 1. I hope we can see more and more places together.


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