En Route (and en Rouge) to Gunung Padang

Bolang drove, Umi was the navigator. Destination: the famous Gunung Padang, one of the oldest and the biggest archaeological sites in Southeast Asia. Hanum, Eep and me acted as, what else, passengers. It was Friday night. In the morning at 5.30, it rained. We were lost in the middle of a tea plantation. I volunteered to ask for directions when I saw a bunch of elderly womyn. They are tea leaf pickers. They were standing in a balai for shelter. After a while, I returned half-wet.

“What took you so long?” asked them.

“Sorry. They’re so nice. We were chatting a bit. At first I totally forgot what to ask,” I repied.

“How come?” said them.

I explained, “I lost my words at the sight of their lips. Five of them, they wear red, perhaps the reddest lipstick. The sun has not even risen yet! Clearly they know what it means with ‘you need to feel good at work’!”

After that, all of us lowered the car windows to see them and waved goodbye.

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