Poster: How Protecting Coral Brings Money

Two divers, a fisherman, an orca, an octopus, three fish, two seahorses and some cheerful corals, on one sunny day. What are they doing?

It’s Lisa Saputra’s and my entry for Deep Indonesia Poster Competition 2010 held by Ministry of Maritime Fisheries Affairs and Coremap. I did the amateurish sketch then Lisa elegantly polished it in the computer.

The naive message reads: “By Protecting Coral Reefs, Local Fishermen can Get more Money“. Years go by and I still think it sounds weak. It should have read, “By Educating Local Fishermen not to Bomb the Coral Reefs and by Renting Their Boats and Recruiting Them as Dive Guides, They May Get More Fish in the Future and thus Get more Money.”

But then, too long a slogan! 🙂

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