Alor: Number 9

During the road trip last Christmas, Acionk talked about Symphony no. 9, which according to him, the most beautiful wall in Alor, Lesser Sunda. Moi, he described it so passionately I wanted to dive again. I don’t have any idea who named it, but I bet it was after its beauty. Or perhaps the person who named it was in a state of mild decompression he/she could hear Beethoven’s.
It turned out that I have visited the place, along with Yoga, Sulis and Tezza. I had not known its name back then. A lovely place indeed.
 Photo by Dwi Ariyogautama  
I was so overjoyed having ever dipped in Alor’s waters. It was a rainy day, with big waves and strong current yet we endured them all. Welcome to west monsoon, said Yoga. Definitely look forward to dive in Alor again.

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