Pasir Putih: My First Beach

Mine? Well well. My first memory of beach?
It must be: Pasir Putih, Situbondo.

I have visited this beach like four times, but the most memorable is definitely the first time. I grew up at the foot of Mt. Arjuna, so beaches or seas were a completely new planets for me.

One day, Mi asked me to go with her. A free trip, she said. I remember, that time, I had a boil, big one and about to explode, on one of my right knee (and therefore I din want go to school). Mi said, it’s OK, let’s go there, the saltwater will cure it.


So we went with all LBT C people on bus. I din remember how long it took. Did I sleep along the trip? Most likely. But I do remember waking up and being awed by the sight of a very vast body of water.

In the afternoon when the sun was setting, i played on the beach, searching for some hermit crabs, then i found some trapped fish. i dug a small well in the sand and tried to fill it with water.

I browsed the seashells stalls and wished i could buy some miniatures of men on a horse made of bright colored shells glued together and to adorn them was small bright colored ropes, cheap velvet mini jackets and fake black-and-white “moving” eyes.

Me also played with a living gurita (what is it in english?). its tentacles wrapped around my right arms and felt sticky and slimy 🙂

someone (tante Frida?) told me to put my hand into the water. Soon after, it darts into the sea.

I remember the lunch pack, a goodie from Blue Band: it was yellow with white cover. on the cover was a drawing of boy chasing a ball, painted in metallic blue. Can’t remember what Mi put in it: simple sandwich with margarine and sugar as spread?

And so what about your first beach? Tell me.

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