Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Ceningan: In Praise of Seafood (pt.3)

dreams be dreams
Bird eye view of these islands, January 2013.

I had not known that seaweed and algae are considered seafood. Why yes, they are planted and harvested from the sea! So they are purely seafood!

But let us consider how the plants, whether in the form of agar, nori, or seaweed, are planted. I know it by visiting algae and seaweed farmers at Lembongan Island of Bali.

It is getting popular as a tourist destination yet many of the island natives are still practicing seaweed farming and the farming villages are scattered by the coasts. They are friendly and hard-working people.


Their work starts before sunrise. In two weeks time, the crop is harvested. Then they will dry the seaweed under the sun. This natural process will “shrink” and blanch the seaweed. Once dried, they will put it into sacks to be transported to Bali for sale.

A big sack of dried seaweed sells for not even a dollar! For the toiling and hard work of the farmers, eating agar and seaweed will never be the same again.

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