No Instant Noodle during Dive Trips!

I have a hate and love relationship with instant noodle. I love it because de facto it is one of tastiest foods. It is also easy: it takes less fuel to prepare it, compared to waht it takes to cook rice. Everybody knows hungry travelers love instant food. But one day I realized how uncool it can be.

It was on our dive trip to Kepulauan Seribu, Rian and I were in the state of can’t-sleep-without-stuffing-stomach-first. Ocha, Ricka and Sena had gone to sleep. So we decided to unpack their Trangia and cook two packs of instant noodles whose brand shall remain unnamed. We crushed some chillis too to add some flavor.

“Heavenly!” I said.

“Hellish! Sem, it’s really hellish!” Rian said, referring to the spiciness and hotness of the broth.

We ate and then had a good night sleep. And then came morning and we rushed to pack everything. We won’t be returning to this island, so better hurry, said Ricka. Again Rian and I prepared instant noodles for breakfast.

In the first dive, I hardly enjoy it. I felt cold and I coughed and coughed. I could smell the instant seasoning-flavored oxygen ran through my nose! It was hellish. I surfaced, feeling so powerless. Rian did too. After the second dive, we were exhausted.

We did not know why but Rian said he could smell the instant noodle seasoning underwater!
So we came to a conclusion: avoid eating instant noodles during dive trips. You should eat freshly prepared and healthy food!

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